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Early Birds/Trevors ride

    The so called "Early Birds/Trevors" rides are open to all cyclists and are not strict SBRA rides, even many riders are SBRA members and it's historically roots are going back to the early days of SBRA. These rides are today East End Cycling Team (EECT) and Green Arm Bandits training rides (A+/AA and up, about 52mi varies +/-5mi depending on route) and are going on every Sunday year round. They change route and start location with season. Riders are expected to be self sufficient and to know the route or arrange to stay with a buddy who knows it. Riders usually just show up and go, no confirmations, etc.. If you are a good B+ rider want to get up to this level and do not know any one, please do not hesitate and contact "Py". The ride is called "Trevors", also referred to as the bagel ride, since it leaves from Bagels & A Hole Lot More in winter starting the 1st Sunday of November until end of February, 8:30am from Port Jeff/112 start location. Occasional there is a early A pace group leaving 8:15am... just show up little earlier and find out. See here for some ride reports of the past (from my blog): GPS track of "Trevors" Winter Route (***):
    View Larger Map In summer the ride changes at the 1st Sunday in March from "Trevors" to the "Early Birds" ride leaving from King Kullen (KK) / Manorville at 8:00am for the early season and it switches to 7:30am beginning from the 1st Sunday in May. All rides are about 55mi, alternating South/North route. Decision on the actual route (N/S) to go is made at ride start, usually alternating, but may vary related to current weather/flooding (Dune Rd) conditions. More ride reports (from my blog): The EBs "North Route" is starting out north via River Rd and proceeding all the way out on via Youngs and Reeves Ave to the "Tanks" (little sprint on Sound Shore Rd) with reassembly on a big parking lot right on County Rte 48, proceeding further East via Oregon Rd and heading South on Bridge Ln and little back west on 25 for very social a Deli and Coffee Stop in village of Cutchogue. From there a scenic return route with several Bay views via Riverhead and a final fast run County Rte 51 and back via Captain Daniel Roe Hwy. GPS track of the EBs North Route (***):
    View Larger Map The South Route ride is going out via Old Country Rd and a few more scenic minor very bike friendly roads to Dune Road for a long fast run with quick reassembly just after the bridge, proceeding North via the beautiful Southport area with a few rollers and having a rest stop at the Seven-Eleven on Montauk Hwy before the return. Here some more ride reports related to the South ride: GPS track of the EBs South Route (***):
    View Larger Map Come and experience pace line riding! 2009 05 24 after the bridge. *** notice: I noticed occasional the route not/slow loading into the maps, try to reload (Ctrl-R) or click "Larger Map" below the maps.

    EBs North route (including my ride to the start, start is always at Manorville/KK for the summer EBs!!

    EBs South route:

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