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Be a Ride Leader

    To Lead or not to Lead
    There many good reasons to lead a ride and many advantages to being a Ride Leader.
    • Don't like to get up early? You get to pick the date and time of the ride.
    • Don't like rides too fast or too slow? You get to set the pace of the ride.
    • You have a passion for Italian food? You get to pick where to eat.
    • Don't like rides too short or too long? You get to pick the length of the ride.
    • Don't like rides to be too hilly? The ride terrain can be flat, rolling or hilly, whatever you decide.
    • Do you have a favorite route that you wish to share? A jaunt that winds past scenic, rural orchards and lily covered ponds.
    • You can take your ride to a historic site, a community fair, the beach or a picnic in a park.
    • You decide the ride destination and stops. The only limit is your imagination.
    • It's a way to contribute back to our community of riders.
    • The other riders get to call you Leader and the view is always the best in the front.
    • Finally SBRA offers many incentives to lead rides which are described below.
    Ride Leader Seminar
    Every spring SBRA offers a Ride Leader Seminar, for new and experienced Ride Leaders.

    At the seminar you will learn how to lead a ride. You will learn how a bicyclist should behave on the road according to New York State law. The most important points covered by SBRA Ride Leader Guidelines will be discussed. For example, what to do before, during and after the ride.

    You will be able to talk to our experienced Ride Leaders. You will be provided a large selection of ride cue sheets or GPS routes that start from various points across Suffolk County. After completing the Ride Leader Seminar you will be elgible for Ride Leader status and will work with the Ride Director to complete the setup process.

    Check our Upcoming SBRA Events page for the date, time and meeting place for the seminar. If you missed the Ride Leader Seminar offered in the spring, you still have the option to become a ride leader at any time. Simply send an email stating you would like to become a ride leader to:

    IMPORTANT NOTE: All Ride Leaders must adhere to the SBRA Ride Leader Guidelines. Failure to adhere to the Ride Leader Guidelines will be cause for termination of their Ride Leader status. If a Ride Leader is found to have a misunderstanding or deliberate disregard to any aspect of the Ride Leader Guidelines they will be informed of these findings and requested to correct their actions on all future rides. Should a Ride Leader fail to correct their actions after three requests, their Ride Leader status may be terminated.

    Ride Leader Incentives                              Effective March 2014, Modified July 1, 2022
    Credits for leading or sweeping a ride, shall be awarded according to the following table:
    1 Leading a ride that is posted at least 24 hours** in advance of the ride start. Rides less than 10 miles will be subject to review for credit or partial credit. **24 Hour rule was made effective July 1, 2022.
    1 Leading a split level ride that is divided amongst two ride leaders due to the size of the ride.
    Only the ride leader that posted the ride will receive 1 credit.
    1 The ride leader will receive 1 credit if they get to the ride start and the ride does not go out due to weather conditions. A ride sheet must still be turned in with a notation about the weather and showing 0 miles.
    2 A ride leader will receive 2 credits for leading a “Special Ride Series.” These ride series can be a 1, 2, or 3 week program and must be approved in advance by the Ride Director. They can be for any ride level, such as “Beginner,” “More Experience but new to the club” or “Pace line workshops.” Special Ride Series must be planned and posted on the website in advance and a phone number must be included in the description text for people to sign up for these series.
    1 Ride Sweeps will be awarded 1 Sweep Credit for each ride swept.
    Awards for leading or sweeping a ride, shall be awarded according to the following table:
    Awards based on Credits (NOTE: Subject to change each year without notice)
    25 Ride Leader Credits accrued within the current ride season (November 1 through October 31)
    will earn an SBRA Ride Leader Jersey. The jersey's are given out at or after the annual Holiday/Awards party.
    30 Sweep Credits accrued within the current ride season (November 1 through October 31)
    will earn an SBRA Sweep Jersey. The jersey's are given out at or after the annual Holiday/Awards party.

    Each year since the Awards program began, jersey designs are not disclosed until at or after the annual Holiday/Awards dinner, unless made available for purchase to SBRA members. Holiday/Awards Party Cancelled during COVID for 2020, 2021 and 2022.

    Ride Leader Guidelines
    The Link to SBRA Ride Leader Guidelines will provide you with information for planning your ride and what to do on the day of ride, before and during the ride.
    Ride Categories
    SBRA has a ride class for every level of rider. Check our Ride Categories page to find the class for the level of ride you need.
    Submitting Rides
    SBRA provides a Ride Calendar for Ride Leaders to submit their rides online. Rides must be posted on the club website Ride Calendar at least 48 hours** before the start of the ride to earn ride leader credit. **Effective July 1, 2022 through October 31, 2022, rides posted at least 24 hours in advance of the ride start will also receive a ride credit. After posting the ride, avoid changes unless absolutely necessary. You should recruit a substitute ride leader if you are unable to lead a ride. Rides will take place as published unless weather conditions make the ride unsafe. If conditions are uncertain, show up and decide at the starting point - use good judgment. If you are certain in advance of the ride that the ride will not take place (i. e. rain, snow, etc.) change the status of the ride on the Ride Calendar. SBRA rides are to be held in Suffolk or Nassau counties. Rides outside Suffolk and Nassau counties can be posted to the ride calendar if they are accessible to SBRA members and within a distance that can be completed that day (travel and ride). NON-SBRA special event group ride interests should be posted on the Forum under "Information about non SBRA Events" or "SBRA Off Long Island Trip Planning."
    Cue Sheets
    SBRA has a large selection of Cue Sheets available on this website which can be downloaded and printed. In addition, there are GPS routes available through the SBRA Ride with GPS club account. 
    Forms and Information

    The commonly used forms listed below are now available in PDF format. Click on the desired form to view a printable electronic copy. NYS Traffic laws are available online by clicking below.

    Ride Sign-in Sheet - (10/16/2020) - Now you can type in your Ride Leader name and ride details before you print.

    Release Form for Minors

    Membership Application/Renewal Form or Click here to sign-up online.

    Incident Report Form

    Ride Leader Guidelines

    Ride Leader Application (2024)

    Ride Leader Acknowledgement (2023-2024)

    Ride Leader Mentor Check List (2024)

    Ride Leader Cheat Sheet (helpful summary of what you need to know as a ride leader)

    How To Post a Ride (includes important requirements all experienced Ride Leaders should know about)

    New York State Bicycle & Pedestrian Laws

    A Little Poem

    As a Ride Leader you're #1, the beginning of all the fun.
    You decide which route to go.
    If you want, the ride goes slow.
    The leader chooses the place to eat.
    There are lots of people for you to meet.
    Leaders get thanked for leading some rides.
    You may even receive an SBRA shirt in any size.
    The rewards for your rides are a deal.
    Lead many rides and SBRA may pay for your meal.

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